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      Research: A Way of Life

      At Milliken, we believe in the power of ideas to impact the world. Innovation and research are fundamental to our business, enabling us to improve everyday products and discover solutions that are smarter and safer for the environment and the people who use them. Our innovators challenge themselves daily to achieve better outcomes for associates, customers, and communities, resulting in over 5,500 patents to date.

      Meaningful Science

      Curiosity is one of Milliken’s core drivers. The goal of our research is to create solutions that enhance lives and impact society in real and profound ways. We solve problems at the human level and take an experiential approach that requires a thorough understanding of market needs, imagination, and the desire to discover new possibilities.

      Our research associates combine the structure and order of the scientific method with immense curiosity and creativity. They look beyond surface challenges and solutions to understand the underlying physics and chemistry that constitute our world. Science extends our understanding of the fundamental nature of things, enabling us to benefit humanity by creating new technologies that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

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