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      2020 Milliken Honors Recipients Champion Company Values

      More than 150 associates honored in virtual award ceremony

      Spartanburg, S.C. — Diversified global manufacturer Milliken & Company recognized more than 150 associates in its Milliken Honors awards celebration on January 12, held virtually this year to accommodate COVID-19 precautions. Across 18 categories, re-aligned to coordinate with the company’s values, the annual Milliken Honors program highlights the very best of Milliken. From performance-based to soft-skills and leadership categories, these awards distinguish associates from across the globe who are the everyday heroes championing Milliken’s purpose, values and vision.

      “This year’s winners are a unique group of leaders whose efforts took place during a tumultuous year—against a backdrop of economic and social challenges brought on by a global pandemic,” said Halsey Cook, president and CEO for Milliken & Company. “While Milliken Honors always draws the best and brightest from across our company, our 2020 class is exemplary for their poise under pressure, their commitment to our values, and their fortitude in pursuit of our vision.” 

      Milliken is pleased to announce the 2020 Milliken Honors associate and team winners:

      Integrity Awards

      The Do The Right Thing Award is presented to the associate or team of associates embodying the value of integrity and making a positive impact on Milliken through their ability to do what is right.

      Barbara Howard

      The Resiliency Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who overcame a challenge and driven something forward to succeed despite adversity.

      Mike Madden

      The Values Role Model award is presented to the associate or team of associates who modeled Milliken's values: integrity, excellence, innovation, sustainability and people.

      Beth Gilbert 

      Excellence Awards

      The Manufacturing Excellence Award is presented to the team or plant with outstanding operational performance, production ingenuity, quality and process excellence.

      MTZ Plant team: Elaine Chen, Chu Ge, Jiandong Gu, Pamela Huang, Tom Li, Peter Qiu, Alan Xie, Eric Zhao

      Dewey Plant team: Matt Flood, Mike Greer, Blake Herring, Keith Hill, Melania Hughey, Kairas Parvez, Jennifer Reid, Chris Sculthorpe, Russell Storrs

      Nonwoven Manufacturing Leadership team: Vilas Brooks, Kenny Manis, Kevin Patterson, Wyatt Rosenlund, Adrian Rocha

      The MPS Results Award is presented to the associate or team of associates that has worked to go above and beyond to deploy and leverage Milliken Performance System (MPS) principles and methodologies to achieve measurable performance improvements and operational excellence in their organization.

      Beech Hill Backing Line team: Liam Aitken, Chris Aldred, Iain Bleasdale, Jason Callon, Warren Collier, Wayne Duffy, Steve Ellis, Steve Gale, Tony Hargraves, Brian Halliwell, John Hodlin, Jamie Lewis, Connor Makin, Jayne Murray, James O’Brien, Lee Riley, Dawn Schofield, Barry Townsend, Andy Walsh, Stephen Wood

      The Sales & Marketing Excellence Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who has achieved greater financial performance by applying sales and marketing best practices while embodying Milliken values.

      Textile Division’s Medical Fabrics Sales & Marketing team: Ann Caudell, Erik Cobham, Mallory Donn, Jeff Dulong, LeAnne Flack, Andrea Gray, Cathy Hands, Steve Josey, Greg Kelly, Rowan Langford, Cammie Mackie, Molly Maurer, Mike Meyerholtz, Tom Moore, Stephen Morrill, Jeff Morris, Meg Patel, Kerry Shumate, Ron Smith, Natalie Swift, Maggi Whiston, Edmund Whiteman, Chris Wulforst

      The Enabler Excellence Award is presented to the associate or team of associates in a support function who has demonstrated excellence in operational performance, advancing strategy and business results.

      Follow the Sun Liquidity Management team: Jonathan Cote, Donna Markell, Raf Timmers

      Innovation Awards

      The Breakthrough Innovation Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who demonstrated the innovation of a product, service or process that yielded significant business results.

      Textile Division’s Medical Fabrics R&D team: JD Alvarez, Debra Blanton, Drew Child, James Cliver, Tyler Dressler, Connor LeRoy, Steve Lucas, Kevin Kasch, Ramesh Kesh, John McClure, Todd Moore, Chris Romansky, Paul Thompson, Eric Wamsley

      Borchers High Performance Catalyst Platform team: Aaron Hoffman, Allie Musto, Simon Oram, Andrew Recker, David Rice, Loulou Rozek, Kellie Salerno, Max Shumba, Neil Simpson


      The Customer Centricity Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who engaged a customer to build insights and identify a new product or service that helped the customer achieve their objectives and yield a business result.

      Jamie Myers


      The Growth Catalyst Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who decisively activates and executes growth-oriented strategies more quickly and effectively than competitors.

      Borchers Coating Additives Platform team: Mark Allen, Tyler Blouse, Doug Callender, Cassidy Carlile, Andrew Cotton, Herbert De Breuck, Chandis Digby, Natalie Dunham, Cole Dunster, Charlie Ehlers, Frank Fisher, Kantha Goundar, Jeremy Graham, Robert Guest, John Harmon, Elaine Hare Sturm, Martin Haworth, Jessica Hatchell, John Kellam, Kasel Knight, Robb Lanning, Robb Lovegrove, Gerry Murphy, Paul Pruitt, Jeff Ray, Randy Richeson, Russ Rudolph, George Shira, Lee Slusher, Melissa Todd, Wim Van de Velde, Brad Westendorf

      Sustainability Awards

      The People Goals Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who contribute to Milliken’s 2025 People Goals by demonstrating a commitment to care for one another and the surrounding communities.

      D&I Roundtable team: Anna Blanton, Ricaye Harris, Betsy Sikma

      The Planet Goals Award is presented to the associate or team who contributes to Milliken’s 2025 Planet Goals by positively impacting the company’s efforts to reduce its global footprint.

      Chemical Environmental Compliance team: Mike Mannion, Brian Myers, Anna Pavnica, Rob Wallace

      The Product Goals Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who contribute to Milliken’s 2025 Product Goals by positively impacting product sustainability.

      Scott Trenor

      The Value Creation Award is presented to the business unit that met financial goals and targets for the year.

      One-Year: Textile Division’s Medical Fabrics team

      Multi-Year: Performance Colorants & Ingredients team

      Multi-Year: Chemical Division’s Plastic Additives team

      Multi-Year: Chemical Division’s Europe team

      Multi-Year: Chemical Division’s Asia team

      People Awards

      The Leadership Award is presented to the associate or team of associates who consistently demonstrates leadership expectations and is viewed by others as a role model.

      Jennifer Reid

      The Production Hero Award is presented to the production associate who goes above and beyond in their role to support operational performance and models Milliken's values as a production team member.

      John Herrington

      Kim Watson

      Denis Beras

      Hillcrest Technical Supervisors team: Mike Caldwell, Gary Cannon, Jonathan Garcia, Thomas Garrett, Chad Lipscomb


      The Safety Champion Award is presented annually to the Milliken site, individual associate or team of associates who best represent the Milliken safety culture through their actions and results.

      Milliken Occupational Nurse team: Ashley Atchley, Hope Bailey, Melinda Green, Carol Hamby, Nancy Henderson, Courtney Kirby, Karen Owens, Kaylan Petty, Chris Seymour, Jeannine Tanner, Kaye Wingard, Van Wheeles


      The Roger Milliken Award is presented to the associate who has created lasting, changing and measurable differences within the company and has built a legacy of their own within the organization by creating lasting and measurable differences that have contributed to business success while being a role model of Milliken values as part of their performance.

      Chip Winter

      About Milliken

      Materials science expert Milliken & Company knows that a single molecule has the potential to change the world. With innovations spanning textiles, flooring, specialty chemicals, and healthcare, Milliken solutions answer the call of some of the world’s greatest challenges.Named to the World’s Most Ethical Companies list by Ethisphere Institute for 14 years, the company continues to meet the moment with an unwavering commitment to sustainably solving problems for its customers, industries and communities. Eight thousand associates across 46 locations globally rally behind a common purpose: to positively impact the world for generations. Discover more about the curious minds and inspired solutions at Milliken at www.icict.net, and join us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.