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      Three Milliken Innovations that Help Protect Others

      Three Milliken Innovations that Help Protect Others

      Safety is a central pillar of our work at Milliken, both in our products and in our working environment. Fostering a culture of safety not only protects our associates, it leads to more stable communities—communities positively impacted by Milliken innovations.

      Expanding the boundary of how safety can impact our world, these three Milliken innovations help play a vital role in protecting others.

      1. FR textiles help protect first responders

      Fueled by extensive research and development, Milliken’s ResQTM flame resistant (FR) fabrics provide industry-leading protection when incorporated into apparel for first responders across the world. Milliken ResQ fabrics help provide safety for those who put their lives on the line each day, from military personnel to firefighters, with a range of textile options for everything from station wear to full turnout gear and military apparel. The proven, certified FR protection incorporated into Milliken ResQ fabrics help to guard first responders from the life-threatening burns associated with lingering clothing fires.

      2. Airbag textiles help protect drivers and passengers

      Airbags are a hallmark safety feature in automobiles. Incorporated into hundreds of millions of airbags in the last five years, our rollover curtain airbags utilize water-based coatings, an industry first that reduces solvent usage to zero and helps reduce VOCs and fogging in vehicle interiors. With Milliken textiles, we help make every day safer for drivers and passengers alike, all over the world.

      3. Advanced wound dressing technology helps protect patients

      Anyone who has ever been injured knows that healing is a delicate process—one that can be fraught with complications if not handled with care. Milliken’s Active Fluid Management? technology, when incorporated into woundcare dressing, is proven by UPMC Passavant Wound Healing Services to improve the patient experience by helping patients heal faster and significantly lowering the cost of treatment.

      Discover more about how Milliken is committing to creating a safe and healthy world for generations to come in our first-ever Corporate Sustainability Report.