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      Incorporating Earth Day Initiatives into the Office Setting

      Each year, Earth Day is a call to recommit ourselves to caring for the planet we call home. More than 193 countries come together on April 22 to bring awareness to and build support for environmental protection measures.

      There are a variety of Earth Day events coordinated globally and can impact everything from your home life to your community or time in the office. In honor of this important initiative, we highlight three ways you can invite the spirit of Earth Day into your working environment year-round. 

      • Set up recycling bins: Office settings can go through a sizable amount of paper products and other recyclable materials. Providing recycling bins goes a long way toward conserving the earth’s resources. In addition to lowering the amount of waste that enters our landfills, recycling one ton of office paper can save the energy equivalent of 322 gallons of consumed gasoline [1]
      • Reduce or reuse office supplies: Encourage employees to think smart about how they consume office supplies. A simple choice between using a paper clip or a staple can have different implications – staples are single-use materials while paper clips can be used again and again. Where possible, consider even reducing the single-use supplies you use, like opting to print less or bringing a coffee mug to work.
      • Repurpose outputs: Finding a way to repurpose leftover materials, scrap pieces or rejected units is a unique way of conserving resources. These materials – whatever it may be – can be diverted from the landfill simply by finding a new use for it. For example, our Specialty Interiors business donates leftover or overrun fabric to charitable organizations like the Love Quilt Project, while our Floor Covering division works with organizations like CARE to help reclaim, reuse or recycle post-consumer carpet rather than throwing it away.

      No matter the way in which you celebrate to Earth Day, by joining in the conversation and pledging to make a change for our environment, we can collectively contribute to our planet’s long-term health.